In addition to recycling as much as possible, WASTE REDUCTION is important. Below are links that will help you eliminate unwanted mail so you don't have to recycle it!

Take your name off the direct mail lists:

Curbside Pickup.

Many cities offer curbside recycling. Contact your trash hauler to determine if curbside collection is available in your area. A list of curbside collectors, by city, can be seen at

Drop Off Locations.

There are thousands of locations in Kansas where you can drop off recyclables. To locate a site near you, visit:

What can you recycle?

The most commonly recycled materials are steel, aluminum, mixed-metal cans, newspapers, paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic, glass bottles and yard waste.

Does Kansas have a recycling policy?

Most states tell local communities how certain recycling goals must be met. That hasn’t been necessary in the Sunflower State. In Kansas, local communities decide how to manage waste, while the state provides some resources to help implement those local decisions. The voluntary approach has proven successful. Recycling programs are popular throughout the state.

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